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I received this e-mail from: Lee Parks LeeParks@ussailing.org and thought we could post it on the web and at our clubs.

IF our Fleet Captains would also e-mail to their members, that would be great. Also, our NRCA Board will provided a $50 each for up to six attendees.

"Dear one-design class leader,

Attached (and below) is an article on the 2008 One-Design Sailing Symposium - please forward it to your webmaster and newsletter editor.

Please encourage your class officers, fleet captains and sailors to attend. The Snipe and Interlake classes support this event by giving out grants (travel stipends). We hope that you will support the Symposium, too, and help grow one-design sailing in this country.

Regards on behalf of the One-Design Class Council,
Lee Parks
[Article for class/club newsletter or website] US SAILING’s One-Design Sailing Symposium sails to Atlanta Nov. 15-16, 2008, Atlanta, GA

You are, no doubt, passionate about wind, water, boats, racing, and your sailing buddies. Learn more about growing your sport and improving your sailing skills. At ODSS, US SAILING brings racing rock stars and legendary leaders in our sport to one venue for a great exchange of ideas and information.

This year at Atlanta Yacht Club, enjoy hearing Dave Perry, Greg Fisher, Skip Dieball and approximately 25 other speakers including builders, coaches, marketing and public relations experts, fleet builders, and class leaders.

You will also enjoy:

* Mt Gay Rum Speaker Series Presentation and Party Saturday night
* North U Rules Seminar with Dave Perry
* Go Fast Workshops with Greg Fisher and Skip Dieball
* National One-Design Awards
* Race Management Seminar (Friday)
* On the water sailing photography lesson

On the build-your-sport agenda, we share the best growth and promotion ideas, solve common problems, discover resources, and connect with new sailing buddies. Expert presenters with innovative ideas provide fleet builders with a tool box overflowing with proven fleet building techniques. Would you like to make your grassroots class growth campaign more effective? What works in fleet building or pumping up the fun factor? What makes a one-design class successful? How can you improve your web site, public relations, marketing, insurance, safety and measurement at events? Come away informed, enthused, and energized to promote one-design sailing.

For the sail-faster track, you’ll hear fresh presentations and discussions to move your team up to fame and glory. Ever heard of a “puff bomb?” Could you improve your upwind lane management?

After revealing all secrets of brilliant fleet/class building and blazing boat speed, we’ll do the next logical thing--party!

Multiple sessions run concurrently so you bring your leadership team as well as your racing team—one person cannot get to every session on the agenda.

Ultimately the success of your whole class determines the value of your own boat and how much fun you have racing. If your class, fleet, or club would like to grow or be stronger, then come to The US SAILING’s One-Design Sailing Symposium. It’s for everyone who is enthusiastic about sailing.

For topic updates and registration information see http://www.ussailing.com/odcc

US SAILING and you: together putting more boats on the water."