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Brian Hayes

Ched Proctor 

The Grand Haven/Spring Lake high school sailing teams had a Spindrift Rebel donated to them to sell to raise funds for them.

Spindrift OneDesign Rebel 4129 with trailer. Excellent condition.  Guessing it was stored indoors previously. Two sets of sails in great condition (one a little stiffer for racing?). All hardware on boom as well as sheets and halyards. Contact Betty Clark 616-846-5042 and  email address -    $2,200  $1,700                      Posted May 28, 2021






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My brother and I need to sell Minnie. Her number is #1562 a Ray Greene, mid 1950's, and not as rough as many others I've seen purchased over the years.  Her sails are perfect.  The trailer is a LONG.  The mast had been kept indoors over the years, but she does need sanding and paint.  Floor boards are gone. Boat and trailer $750. 

Lori and Tom Ridington (Morgan's kids)


Boat is still in Melfa VA. Chesapeake Bay area

Posted Oct 4, 2019

Rebel 1562 "Minnie" and Morgan Ridington


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